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About Me And The Blog. :)

Hey Penguin!
This is a little about ME!

My name is Beep Bop 223 from Club Penguin.
Most people know me as Maja223.
I like to play Club Penguin and other virtual worlds!
I like to blog.! 🙂
I’m a nice guy!
Oh yah I’m a boy.
Okay any questions you can comment and ask!

About this Blog!

Club Penguin Mixers Is a Club Penguin Blog! 🙂
It is owned by Beep Bop 223.
I have a few author to help me.
It was realy made out of boredum.
So any questions? Comment and let us know!

~Beep Bop 223~


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  1. edit dude now look at mine

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